I was contacted by Waterless Ltd to try out their new hair product Zerreau Beauty Towel off Shampoo foam (*). It is in a new concept of dry shampoo aimed to be quick and easy to using leaving you with clean hair without having to use water. It is different to other dry shampoos as it isn't a spray, it is a foam. I was interested to try is this out as I haven't tried this out before only used brands such as batiste and Tresemmé which I have liked. 
This product is on the market for £6.99 for 180ml, which is a very reasonable price. It comes in two scents, Strawberry and apple and I was sent the strawberry scent. The smell is quite strong but isn't overpowering and the smell lasts a while when it is applied. To apply it, I take a decent pump of foam on my hand and rub it in to the roots of my hair and any other greasy parts. I love how quickly it dries & I do notice a difference once it's applied.
The only thing I would say, is that because you have to towel dry it, my hair looses a lot of volume. My hair is pretty lifeless anyway after I haven't washed it and this product doesn't revamp volume back in my hair as Batiste. However, all in all I really like this product and it doesn't the trick! This product is aimed for festival goers and i would definitely recommend it as it is a decent product to have and it is easy to travel will. Definitely worth giving it a try!