Since the new year has come, the weather has got so miserable and cold and my skin has really been affected from it. It has made it so dry and dehydrated lately and that's why I have been really loving The Body Shop products again. The Body Shop products are those that you can use all year around but I have been really getting back into them again this month. I have been especially loving the Strawberry Body Butter and the Strawberry Hand Cream
I rarely ever get dry hands so never really use hand cream on a regular basis, but I never realised how refreshing and moisturising it is to use a hand cream a few times a day. I love this hand cream as it makes such a difference to your hands straight away and it doesn't leave them feeling greasy at all. I also love the smell which isn't too strong once it is applied. I know some people don't like fragranced hand creams but I don't mind this one. It's only £3.50 for 30ml which I think is a great price and it's perfect size to slip into your bag. I also really love the packaging! I go through a stage of loving the strawberry scented body butter and then going off it for a while. At the moment I really like it and there is nothing better than having a warm relaxing bath, applying this body butter after getting out and then getting into some warm pyjamas. It is always one I go back too as it leaves my skins so smooth and smelling lovely! 



As part of my Micellar Water Review, I am going to talk about the B. Pure Micellar Water as my final review. It is the second most expensive solution at £4.99 for 100ml. I really love the packaging of this solution however unfortunately it my least favourite out of the three (B. Pure, Garnier and L'oreal). I haven't ever tried any of the B. Pure products but I have always been interested to see what they were like, so I intrigued to try this when I received this product. 
The first thing I have noticed is that it really stung my eyes when I used it to take off my mascara and eye makeup. It also makes my eyes water which is slightly annoying. This is a big issue for me as I want a solution that is gentle on the eyes and takes makeup off smoothly. As well as this, my skin doesn't feel very clean and soft when I use it on it's own. With the Garnier solution I feel I could just use that on it's own (if I was being lazy) and feel satisfied, however with this one it still feels like my skin is still quite dirty. I also don't like the scent as much as the other solutions. Although this review has seemed negative overall, the B. Pure Micellar Water does do the job, however compared to the other ones I have tried it is my least favourite. Using a cleanser or toner after this product works well - I just don't like how it stings my eyes when I use it. Have you tried this product? What do you think?



Happy new year my fellow bloggers! Hope you all had a lovely evening and haven't woken up feeling too hungover. I am so excited for a new year however absolutely dreading January with exams and deadlines galore! Please bare with me over January with my blog content as assignments are going to be taking priority over blogging unfortunately. I will be back and raring to go in February though! I thought I would share with you some of my favourite blogs of 2014 to get this year going - so here are my Top 10 beauty/fashion blogs: A Little Boat Sailing, From Roses, The Lovecats Inc, Thumbelina Lillie, My Pale Skin, The Little Plum, TINY TWISST, Sophie's Makeup blog, Anna's Blush & Bounjour Luce. Of course not forgetting everyone else in my Blog Roll! Feel free to leave links to your blogs on Twitter or in the comments below as I would love to find some new reads for 2015! Hope everyone has a wonderful year and I looking forward to see what it brings! Read my 2014 post HERE