I had been thinking about where I wanted my blog to go in terms of lifestyle posts and I came up with the idea of scheduling by posts into different categorises. I thought that every couple of days I would do a post of a specific type of post. Therefore, from now on I am going to make posts on Food, Beauty, Health, and possibly Travel. I think doing this will mean my blog will be consistent and organised which I really like the sound of that. I didn't do this in my other blog which might be the reason why I didn't really like it that much. Oh and I also going to throw in some 'Fellow Blogger' and 'Listening, Reading, Watching' posts in there when I feel like it. Hope you my new changes to my blog and looking forward to seeing future stuff! 



Happy Valentine's day! 14th Feburary the day most single girls hate. To me, valentines day is just another day and it shouldn't be treated any differently! Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of giving a card and maybe a small gift to show someone you love them but I don't think it should be taken too seriously. I personally think that it is just a bit of fun and should be enjoyed by everyone even those who are single and are  "lonely" and "depressed".
I thought I would answer some of the questions on the "valentines tag" that has been going around the blogging community at the moment. Who would be your celebrity valentine? Chase Crawford or Ricky Whittle. What's your favourite type of flower? White Rose or Lily's. Favourite love story or film? The Holiday, aww my favourite film! Are you a romantic or a realist? I would say I am a realist but a little bit of romance is cute just not too much cheese! A date at the cinemas do you get salted or sweet popcorn? Neither, I would get chocolate. What does love mean to you? Sharing a connection and knowing everything about the other person. Being able to trust and be happy with each other all the time. Ever gave someone a weird valentines day gift? I haven't actually! Any embarrassing valentine's moments? A guy once told me he "loved me" on valentines day and I didn't like him so I ran off (I was in primary school). Favourite love songs? The Power of Love - Frankie goes to Hollywood or the Summer of 69.
Hope everyone has had the best Valentines day ever and if not, don't worry, there is always next year ;) If anyone buys me this card above for next year, I will guarantee I will love them forever. CUTEST CARD EVER. For more cards and gift ideas visit etsy.com, it is a new website I have found and they sell the cutest and loveliest homemade cards. So make sure you check this website out for any special occasion that might be coming up!
Photograph - etsy.com (source)



I thought that I would share with you today one of my favourite blogs at the moment and that is Bee's blog Vivatramp. I like the variety of creative posts with lifestyle and beauty content. I also loveeee her design. Being so in to photography as well, I really like her photographs. I think that is probably the main thing I look at in peoples blogs! I think I am going to make 'Fellow blogger' a "series" post as I did something very similar on my previous blog and it got a good response so I thought I would do it here. Plus I love sharing the blogging love!



I have realised that I haven't been to the cinema in absolutely ages! And, after talking to my friends and reading some online reviews, I now really want to go see the new film 'The Impossible'. Apparently it is seriously emotional and I'm always a sucker for a sad film. I also love films that are based on a true story which this one is. I think that this is a great time to take a trip to the cinema! If I can find the money, anyone wanna take me?

I have also heard alot about the book 'The perks of being a wallflower' too. I have heard mixed reviews about this since the new 2012 film has come out. However I still want to read this before I go and watch the film version. It isn't too long which I like as it does take me bloody ages to polish of a good book. If you have read or watched any of the above I would love to hear from you and find out about your take on the books and films.