Since we have had a couple of nice days of sunshine in the last week, I realised that I don't own that many summer dresses or skirts and I want to stock up on some before the summer months. I have been loving the t-shirt dresses lately and I have never owned one. I found these gorgeous dresses from Zara which I really like. Although they are not exactly t-shirt dresses, they are of a similar shape and style and length. Links below. 

They are a little bit more formal than an everyday dress but I think it would be perfect for a summers evening. I love the floral pattern on the first dress and the mint green detailing, I think it would be really flattering with a tan. It is £45.99 which is the more expensive of the two and my favourite (no surprise there!). I think I might treat myself and get it as I would get a lot of use out of it. I think the second dress would also look really nice in an evening with a big brightly coloured statement necklace with a pair of wedges. Again would look nice with a tan!



Hey guys! Today I am going to review the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. I have been trying to find a decent primer for my everyday makeup routine to help my makeup last longer on my face throughout the day. I have heard a lot of good reviews about the Benefit Porefessional which I want to try but I wanted to see if I could find a cheaper drugstore alternative to start with. I spotted this product in Boots and thought I would give it a try.

It's much cheaper at £7.99 compared to the Porefessional which is around the £25.00 mark. I've been using this product everyday now for about the last month and my first impressions are really good! My makeup has lasted much longer on face and it hasn't affected my skin care. To apply it, I take a little amount on the primer on my finger and then rub it all over my face using the Real Technique Buffer Brush. I then apply my makeup like normal. It helps apply my makeup smoother as well as leaving my skin feel soft. It claims to "avoid shine on the face" which I'm not sure if it necessarily does this. It terms of "vanishing pores", I won't say it completely vanishes them but it doesn help with the appearance of them and it definetely leaves your skin feeling light and smooth. I'm going to continue using the product and see if I still like it, but so far I am happy with results and the finish it gives!



Today I am going to talk about the Inika Certified Organic Eye Liner. Being blonde, I have never really been one to wear heavy eye makeup and eye liner because I just thought I didn't suit it at all. I never wore black eye liner as think it looked too much on me and just didn't look right. I wanted to try something that was a little lighter to define my eyes better. I bought this eye line in the colour 06 Coco for £13.50. It is this "warm chocolate" brown
shade which is an alternative to black. I really like the shade and I think it suits me better than thick black eyeliners. The product claims to 'to glide on easily and deliver even depth of colour and real stay-ability'. I would agree with this as it does stay on for quite a long time. The formula is quite creamy so it applies really easily onto the eyes. I am not an expert at applying eye liner so it took me a while to get it to look how I wanted it too. What I like about it is that it organic - 'handcrafted with natural plant products and mineral colour blend' which means it doesn't irritate my eyes. I can have very sensitive eyes that water quite a lot. I would recommend this product as I really like the colour, however you can probably find something cheaper in the high street. If anyone has any suggestions on cheaper eye liners that are good then I would love to know. I am pretty clueless when it comes to eyeliners so I would love to know you thoughts! Hope everyone is having a lovely bank holiday weekend.



I needed a good clothes shop for a while now but during the holidays I didn't really have time (or the money) to do a big shop in one of the main shopping centres around where I lived. However, after I had earned some money at work, my mum and I popped in to our local town to where the only main shop I shop in is Newlook. I ended up picking up so many things and this outfit below is some of the pieces I picked up from their new summer range.  

I have been craving some white jeans for ages, as I have never owned a pair and I think they are so nice for the summer. I really like this pair as they are so comfortable and fit really nicely. They are the perfect length too. I actually spotted these shoes in the Generation section when I was looking for something for my sister and they instantly caught my eye. I thought they were a really nice alternative to sandals in the summer. I really liked the open toe feature. I was good and stopped my self buying any monochrome pieces of clothing as I have too many of those and went for this mustard yellow top. I absolutely love the style, colour and texture of it. I've never really had anything this colour either. I then picked up this necklace last minute when I went to the till (after I knew I was spending too much anyway) as it was on sale. I love the gold layered feature at the front and the rope to tie it together (although you can't see it in the picture). I know I'll get a lot of use out of this outfit in the summer! 



It's finally happened. I finally went out and bought the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. This has been on my never ending "to buy" list for sooo long after reading endless good reviews about it around the blogging community. I bought it from Boots for £14.75. However it is slightly cheaper if you just buy the bottle without the cloth. I think it's around £13. This is the first time I've tried the Liz Earle range so I was very excited. 

I absolutely love this cleanser. It is so gentle on my skin and removes every little bit of makeup on my skin. It's formula is made for every skin type, and it fits mine (combination, oily T-Zone) perfectly. It's helped to clear up my skin alot. What I really like about this cleanser is that you don't apply it to wet skin. It is a two step process which involves cleansing your skin with the product and then polishing your skin with the warm, damp muslin cloth afterwards. It is quite an expensive product at £14 for 100ml which I think is one of the reasons why I held back buying it for so long. However, I haven't regretted it as is now part of my daily skin routine. I apply it after I have taken my makeup off and before applying my Dermalogica Clear Start which I talk about HERE. I then apply my moisturiser before bed. My skin is always left smooth and most of the time completely spot free. I love it.  



This product was a staple in my summer makeup bag last year and I had completely forgotten about it until I found it in my collection. It's the Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 25. This high SPF in it is perfect for the summer months when the sun is hotter. I used it as an alternative to foundation on holiday. I don't like wearing much on my skin in the summer so I usually but this on with a little bit of concealer.  It's thin and isn't thick on the skin.
It is oil and fragrance free which is a big plus for me. I prefer using this rather than a sun screen. I find that normal sun screens are too thick for my skin and I don't really like it. However, it is so important to protect your skin from the sun. It is quite a pricey product at £17.00 for a 40ml bottle. I would definitely recommend it though. I find it gives me a summer glow where a sun lotion doesn't. It is also suitable for sensitive skin as well.  
The product claims to 'help wick away perspiration and absorb excess oil' which I completely agree with. Also, even on holiday last year I didn't have to re apply it throughout the day and my skin was still protected - even when I was in hot temperature. I would reapply it though, if you're sensitive towards the sun. I know, we are not getting much sun at the moment in the UK but I am definitely going to grab this out when the weather gets nicer. 



I can't believe that since giving one of the Tanya Burr Exclusive nail polish away for my 250 follower giveaway, I have now nearly reached 400 followers on bloglovin. I can't believe it! Hello to my new followers. I decided that I couldn't just giveaway this polish, without buying one for myself. I'm a sucker for mint green/pastel nail polishes so this one instantly caught my eye. I'd wanted to try her collection since it was released and I'm glad I did.
I love it! The colour is so vibrant and you don't need many coats to achieve the true shade. It also doesn't chip easily which is always a good thing. I hate having to keep re-touching my nails every few days. The size of the bottle is very generous and I love the packaging. I bought it from feel unique for £5.99. Its not the cheapest high street nail polish but it is worth the price. Her collection is also now available in selected Superdrug stores around the UK if you don't want to buy it online. I am definitely going to purchase more of these polishes and try her lip glosses. There has been lots of good reviews about them. Have you tried any of the Tanya Burr products? Also, I know I said "I promise I will be blogging a lot throughout this month" in my last post and that has been a complete lie as it is now a month later and I hadn't blogged anything. However, I have now got myself together and scheduled a load of posts, so there will be more content coming. This time I do promise!