For my birthday I got given the U-Spicy 6 piece Makeup Brush Set. They are very similar design to the Real-Technique brushes and I had to admit that I hadn't heard of the brand before. However I was excited to give them a try anyway! This set comes with six brushes (left to right) Tapered Brush, Angled Flat Brush, Flat Head Foundation Brush, Rounded Brush, Paddle Shaped Brush, Bronzer Brush. This set is £12.99 and is available online HERE.
My first impressions of the brushes were that they are soo soft. They feel so smooth on my face which is always one of the main things I look for in Makeup brushes. My favourite brush in the set is the Angled Foundation Brush. I really love the shape of the brush and the angle really helps get into all areas of the face and blends the foundation in nicely. I also love the bronzer brush which I actually use for pressed powder under the eye area. It is so gentle on a sensitive area and it fits really nicely under the eye. What I love about these brushes is that they come in a variety of different shapes to experiment with - for example the tapered brush, I don't have a brush similar. I haven't washed the brushes yet so I can't comment on how long they last and how well they clean but I will let you know when I have tested them out! So far my impressions are really good and they are an amazing cheaper duplicate to the Real-Technique brushes and I'll definitely continue to use them in my everyday makeup routine! Have you tried this brand?



Since the Micellar Cleansing Waters were released I have been really loving them. I love how simple they are too use and how quickly and hassle-free they take your makeup off. i have already reviewed the L'oreal 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution HERE and I thought I would review some of the other duplicates of the product. I have been recently using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and I thought I would share my thought on it on here! 
To start with, it is cheaper than the L'oreal Solution at £4.99 for 400ml, where as L'oreal is £3.32 for 200ml. So you already get your moneys worth for a start. I love the packaging but hate the opening at the top, as when you are pouring it out on the cotton wool pads, so much product is wasted (although not sure if that is just me being careless?) I really like this product and it is so gentle on my skin and takes my makeup off so easily. This one also takes off my eye makeup and mascara easier than the L'oreal Solution. I have also found that this water is quite cleansing too. Most of the time I would use this first to take off my makeup and then continue with my skin care routine. However, when I am feeling lazy I sometimes just use this and nothing else and it still makes my face feel clean and cleansed to a certain extent. I really like this product and I think this is my favourite out of the two solutions so I would definitely recommend it! What is your favourite Micellar Solution? 



Now christmas is over, it's time to buckle down and get ready for 2015. I have lots of uni work to do before then so I am starting to get organised from now. 2014 has been a great year for me, but I plan on 2015 to be even better. I want to get more organised with all aspects such as blogging, uni work, money and general day to day life. I was given this really cute diary for christmas which I am going to use throughout 2015 as I usually just use my phone!
I don't really have any New Years Resolutions this year but there are some things I do want to continue to do and get more organised with. Here are my list of "New year resolutions" type thing: 

Blog regularly - 2014 was the best year for my blog as I abandoned it for a while. This year I really want to blog on regular basis and really build up my blog and find my niche. In January I have lots of exams and assignments so that might not start off well but after that I will have a lot more free time and will be able to blog and write more!

Be more organised - Like I mentioned, I want to actually try keep a diary and stay organised for the whole year! I always start writing a diary and keep on top of things but that always dies out mid January. This year is an important year for me at university and the last thing I want to do is to get really stressed! I think this will help me stay organised and chilled. I also think it is nice to look back and see exactly what you did over that year. 

Stop biting my lip - This might seem like a strange one but I have a really bad habit of biting my lip. It is so bad and it leaves my lips looking so ugly but I can't stop. It's just so satisfying you know? I do really try break the habit!

Drink more water/wear my glasses - I have recently be getting really bad headaches recently and it is definitely because I don't drink enough water throughout the day and I really should be wearing my glasses when I am staring at a computer screen for a long period of a time. I think it is important to drink lots of water and I think this will help with my headaches. That, and a decent night sleep! I also want to get into the routine of getting up early everyday. I am alright if I have a reason to be up but if I don't I would happily sleep in until 10:30am! Such a waste of the day!



Hi everyone, hope you all had an amazing Christmas and boxing day! I had a lovely day spending it in Devon with my family, Grandparents and cousins. In the morning we opened our stockings and then headed to the local church for a morning Christmas service. It has always been a tradition to go to church on Christmas and it was a lovely start to the day. After that, we came back and helped prepare for Christmas Lunch along with a glass of bubbly or two! 
For lunch, we had a cheese souffle to start, followed by roast turkey for main! We then finished off with Christmas cake and chocolate log! We are one of the few families that open all our main tree presents until after lunch, so after we had tied up we went for a quick walk around the village and then opened our presents in front of the fire! I was so lucky this year and was given lots of nice things! Some of them included some Nike Free Run Trainers a faux fur purse for Topshop. This amazing H&M shoulder bag with tassels and a fur winter head band from F+F. After that we all had our mid-afternoon christmas nap and played lots of games!  Of course, this then followed with more food and more games!
On boxing day we then went to visit my Dad's family for Christmas number two with lunch and a few extra presents! I had a lovely couple of days and am so thankful and grateful for everything! Now it's back to reality, as I back home and my few days just consist of work and assignments. Hope you all have had a lovely christmas and I would love to read any of your Christmas posts so feel free to leave links to them in the comment bar below! Happy new Year! 





Photo source - Vector



I said that that my last post was going to be last until after Christmas but I forgot I had this sneaky post tucked away in my drafts! I have been trying to look for a dark lipliner in a purple colour for ages now! I couldn't find anything that wasn't too bright or too dark so it was difficult to find. I finally found this perfect colour in the makeup section in Tesco and I love it. Its the Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencil in the colour 310 Berry Much. How amazing is this shade?!
I have never really been into lip pencils but recently I have really taken a liking to them. This one is quite thick which I prefer to the thinner ones that are available. The pigmentation of the colour is amazing and lasts for a long time. I really like the precise application and you don't really need anything over the top. However, I am still on the hunt for a lip stick that is this colour! I also really like the other shades in the range and they are a really good price. I bought it for £4.99 which is so cheap and worth the money. The application is really soft and creamy and it lasts a really long time. The colour is really similar to the colour on the packaging which is always good! I don't ever buy lipsticks or lip products from Maybelline but I am so far very impressed! I now what to try the Colour sensational High Shine Gloss



Hi guys, I thought I would just do one last post before christmas and it isn't one that it too exciting! I decided to completely revamp my blog for the new year ("New year, new blog" if you like) so I hope you like and enjoy the new layout. I have also made some new social media sites especially for it! I hadn't ever shared this blog on my personal accounts & I thought it was silly not to as social media is (I think) so important in having a successful blog. 
I would love it if you would all go over and follow my new Twitter page and Instagram page for all updates on Caramella! They are also linked on the side of the page too. Now before I bore you all to death I am going to enjoy Christmas eve eve with some cheesy music, wine and mince pies! I hope you all have a lovely christmas and I will continue to post after Christmas. I have a lot planned which I am excited about! Merry Christmas & Happy new year! 



Today I thought I would share with you all my favourite christmas scent of this year. I was never that excited about lighting candles and discovering new scents as it just wasn't something that I thought it was necessary. However this season I have really got into it and now can't stop buying them! I have three in my room that I like to light and I never realised how cosy, warm it made the room and the littlest of candle can feel the room with an amazing scent. 
I love the Cinnamon and Apple scents for the festive season as they have always reminded me of Christmas as a child as that's what Mum would light around the house. My favourite scent this year is Yankee Candle Red Apple Wreath. Unfortunately Yankee Candle is so expensive so I never really buy it however I thought I would give myself a birthday treat and buy one. I got the medium size which are around the £8 mark. I absolutely love this scent, it isn't too strong but it really fills the room nicely. I am not a big fan of the sweet scents like Christmas Cookie so this is for you that like something slightly different. I also love the bright red colour of the candle, again makes it even more festive! I would love to know what candle brands you would recommend that a cheaper alternative to Yankee Candle but still last a long time and give out a decent scent? If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments! 



Happy birthday to me! Yesterday was my 20th birthday and I had the loveliest day and was given so many lovely gifts! I thought I would do a post showing you what I got and what I got up too in the day. I was extremely lucky this year to receive this amazing Olivia Burton watch from my parents. It has a beautiful rose gold face and white straps. I absolutely love it! It's a really good size as it's not too big and I am looking forward to wearing it everyday! 
I I also received this beautiful faux fur scarf and amazing red heels from Miss Selfridge. I was so grateful for all my presents and how thoughtful they all were. I spend the day with family and we went for a special birthday pub lunch in a beautiful little pub in Cirencester. I had a steak (see below) and was even treated to a glass of Prosecco! After that we went for a little walk about the village and had a look at all the Christmas things in the local Garden centre (twenties have hit me hard - Garden Centres really excite me!). It was a really lovely afternoon and it was a proper winters day with a crispy air and blue skies! I then went to my Gran's house for a cup of tea and some birthday cake which was lovely! You can have a look at some of my Instagram pictures I took though out the day HERE
In the evening, I went out with a group of friends into Bath for a few drinks and a night out! It was a joint birthday event so there was lots of people here. It was lovely to see everyone after not seeing most of them for so long because of Uni. I wore my new dress and heels which again you can see on my Instagram page. It was all in all a lovely day and I have been spoilt rotten! The birthday blues and now kicking in but the excitement of Christmas day approaching is well and truly here! I hope you have enjoyed this slightly different 'day in the life' post!



It's getting very close to christmas and as most of you are getting excited to celebrate, I know there will some of you still need to get those last minute presents. I thought I would put together a last minute stocking filler guide, that all girls/women would be happy to receive no matter how small or in expensive. I know I would be happy anyway! All items below are easy to find on the high-street and are widely available in many stores. All items are available online.



For the next edition of Festive Winter Makeup and I am going to focus on the eyes! I have really enjoyed doing these posts so if you want to see anything similar then let me know! I usually wear the same eye makeup everyday as it is quite and easy and I just prefer the simple natural look to anything statement. However, this colour is something different to what I would usually wear and I really love it. I think it is perfect for a Christmas evening party or event.

I usually prefer a statement bright lip to a bold eye and this is lovely silver metallic is something I love to wear around Christmas. I know this might seem strange as most people would opt for a gold eye look for the festive season as that is seen as being more festive. I do love a gold look, but I also love toning it down and doing a simple eye look. This eye shadow by Estée Lauder has the most amazing shimmer and with this blended out around the eye lid it gives such a lovely finish. This shadow is quite expensive at £20 a piece but it stays on for a long period of time and is very pigmented. For a cheaper version I would actually recommend the MUA eye shadow palettes (two completely different ends of the spectrum) but they are so good for the price they are! What's your go-to look for this season? 



As part of the christmas season I have decided to do a "Festive Winter Makeup" series. I posted yesterday my Festive Winter Lip and I thought today I would do the same for nails. When I think of Christmas and nails all I can think of is glitter! It is not something I would wear all year round but it is something I definitely pull out at christmas. I'm not a big fan of vibrant glittery nails, I much prefer the more subtle look like the one shown here below.

Nails Inc Glamour Hanover Square  | Deborah Lippmann Good Girl Gone Bad

I put these two polishes together as they quite similar shade and work really nicely together. The base coat is a Nailsinc polish I got free in issue of Glamour Magazine. I don't there is a link for it online as it was a freebie so sorry about that but there are many similar colours out there! It is this gorgeous dark purple/red colour and looks amazing on it's own or with added glitter. I am really one for dark nails in winter and this is the perfect festive colour. This Deborah Lippmann polish is a little bit more pink than the base coat but I still really love it. The glitter itself is very small and it gives the perfect shimmer when it hits the light. Because it is slightly lighter it shows up better against the undercoat. I really love this combination and I will definitely be wearing this for Christmas day or New Years. 



Hi everyone! It's now December, I'm home from Uni and I am well and truly in the festive mood! December is by far my favourite month of the year not just because it is Christmas and my Birthday but because I love wrapping up warm for the cold winter month. As well as this, I love the bright red festive lips that you can were all day everyday. Below are three of my favourite shades at the moment as part of the Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Collection at Rimmel
 No. 31 | No. 08 | No. 05
My favourite shade by far is No.31, this amazing deep red shade. What I love about it is that it isn't too bright and bold and is appropriate to wear on an everyday basis. I am all about a bright red lip but I think that is more suitable for an evening occasion or night out. I have also been loving No.05 which is a lovely bright pink shade. Again you can wear this on a daily basis but I have been enjoying wearing this at night and I think it is perfect for a Christmas party with a black dress. If you are after something a little bit more subtle then I would recommend no.08. It is more of an natural shade, but it is perfect if you are doing bolder eye makeup and need a more toned down shade. I am forever buying the Lasting Finish range as I think the Lipsticks are so lovely and stay on so well! What is your favourite?