Hey guys! First off, so sorry I haven't posted anything in so long. I've been a bad blogger. I have just had a lot going on lately and haven't really been in the mood to blog, so I apologise for that. I'm back today though, to show you some new gym wear that I have bought. I have only recently started going to the gym and I am by no means a fitness freak but I've really enjoyed going. I've also enjoyed shopping for gym wear too (such a girl!). 
I didn't want to spend loads on gym wear and I knew Primark had a big selection, so I decided to check there. I went to the Bristol store and they had literally nothing in my size, which was so annoying. Having said that, a couple of days later I picked up this sports crop top for £4. I wear it as a sports bra. It fits really nicely and for only £4 it's amazing quality. If you are looking for cheap fitness wear then check out Primark's section!
I then went into H&M. Although their gym wear isn't as cheap as Primark, I am still really happy with my purchases. I picked up these long gym leggings with a pink strip down the leg for £24.99. They are so comfy and fitting, they are perfect for running. They also have a handy little pocket in the back to hold a phone or cards. I also bought this quick drying, bright, coral sports top for £7.99. Again, I really like it and I am definitely going to pick up another one in a different colour. I got mine in the size XS which corresponds to a size 8. Make sure to cheap out all the links on here and I would love to hear what you think of the high-street fitness wear that is available. Also there's only couple of days left to enter my Tanya Burr Nail Polish Giveaway if you haven't already!



Today I am posting another outfit post for you all. Today, I am wearing just a simple outfit which I have loved wearing lately. I have had this blue peplum top for a while now and I absolutely love it. I got it from Debenhams and I love the material and colour. This photo doesn't do the colour justice, as in real life it is a lot stronger blue. What I also love about this top is that it has a sheer cut out down the back which gives the top a lovely finish. I am a sucker for a peplum top, they are available everywhere. This one is slightly too big, but I actually like how it fits.

Bag - Primark

I bought myself a pair of plain black leggings from George at Asdsa for £10. I really like them from here as they pretty thick which means they are warm and aren't see-through. I also recently picked up this gorgeous statement necklace from Next. I had a gift card since christmas that I hadn't spent and I decided to purchase this necklace with it for £10. I absolutely love it and I love how it looks with this top. I think it makes the outfit look a little bit more formal. This bag is from Primark and I use it nearly on a day to day basis. If i'm not at uni, I will use this bag as my handbag. I love it as I think it looks more expensive than it was and it is a really handy size. It's fit everything you need it in and the pockets make it easy to find everything you need. I love the design too and I think it only cost me £12 which is a bargain for a decent handbag. Hope everyone has a lovely week!



February has been a lot calmer month compared to January in terms of stress. I haven't had any main deadlines or exams which has been lovely. I got my grades back for my January exams and was so pleased to come out with two 2:1 and a 2:2. All the hard work definitely paid off! I can't believe how quickly this month has gone. It's so scary how fast this year is going already. February has been a great month for Caramella. It reached 250 followers which I am so chuffed about and I have a giveaway HERE to say thank you. Also this month, I haven't been going out as much and have been on an alcohol detox to give my liver a break. I haven't really had the urge to go out and the thought of getting drunk hasn't really interested me. I've enjoyed staying in and just watching films etc. I'm sure that won't last long! I have also joined the gym. I have ever really been a "fitness freak" but I have really enjoyed going. I'm not hoping to lose any weight I just want to get more healthy (as I did no exercise prior) and to tone my stomach for summer! In march, I am looking forward to going home for a week as it is my Dad's birthday, going to see family friends and seeing Miranda Hart in standup. Hope February treated you well!



I have been eyeing up the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub for ages but never got around to buying it. It's silly really, as it isn't expensive at £5.50 and it is not difficult to get your hands on it. I've always been intrigued to what it tastes like and if it works. It comes in two flavours - bubble gum and pop corn. I was a bit put off by the popcorn smell so I opted for bubble gum. First off, I love the packaging and the colour of the product, a bright baby pink shade. 
This product does taste really good as expected. What I love about it, is that is says "lick off excess" which means you can taste the product without looking like a complete weirdo - unlike with some other products that smell good enough to eat. The product is a sugary polish and the swatch below shows what it looks likes on your finger. To apply it you simply buffer it in to the lips to leave your lips buffered and feeling very soft. Overall, I really like it!
It does as it says and leaves my lips soft and buffered. It's not exactly the most incredible product in the world but it does the job. I apply it usually in the morning as part of my morning routine and just before I go to bed. I then apply my Carmex lip balm to finish off. I'm glad I decided to buy this product in the end. Also, in celebration of reaching 250 followers on my blog, I am giving away a Tanya Burr Exclusive Nail polish in the colour Little Duck. For the chance to win, check out my previous post HERE and follow the application form to enter. Good luck!