Today I am going to talk about some of my favourite skincare products. I think that is very important to look after your skin especially if you wear makeup everyday like me. These products below are ones I use everyday but are not my full skin care routine. If you would like me to show you my full routine then I definitely will in the future.The first two products that I love are Clinique liquid skin formula and First Aid Beauty face cleanser. OncI have taken my makeup off in the evening, I will use the liquid skin formula to clean my face and make sure that no makeup is left on my face. I have quite oily skin and this product really helps with reducing this and it is also great at reduces blemishes. It also leaves my skin feeling smoother, I really love it. It is around the £15 mark which I think is really good. In combination to this, I use FAB face cleanser which personally I think is amazing! I actually got a sample of this in a glossy box ages ago and really liked it but never re-purchased it. Then my skin started getting really bad with spots and I was trying to think when was the last time my skin was really good and what products was I using? That is when I re bought this cleanser and it has been my chosen one ever since! It again helps with fighting against spots and it does exactly what it says on the "tin" which is to 'remove surface oils, skin toxins, make up and dirt and grime'. I couldn't recommend this product enough.
The other product I wanted to talk about it the MONU recovery balm. This again is a sample from a Glossy Box I got a while ago. I found this product in one of my draws recently and this is a sample I had get to try. I suffer with moderate acne scars on my chin as I am one of those fools who pick and pop their spots causing them to scar. I had noticed that my skin was looking quite 'stressed' and try red so this was the perfect product to try. I have now been using it for around a month now and I absolutely love it! It has calmed my skin down massively and has reduced the redness a lot. I apply this every morning and evening after my cleansing and I really like the result. It is quite pricey at £20 for a 50ml bottle (same as the sample size shown in picture). However, this definitely won't stop me re purchasing this again. This really has noticeably changed the appearance of my skin in a short time. 



Now we are in April, it is time that we should say goodbye to this pooey weather and get ready for spring and summer with some sunny weather! To get myself ready, I have been treating my nails to some of Barry M's  pastel colour range. These colours are so summery and pretty and will be perfect for the summer months to come (if we get any!) The shades are Berry Ice cream, Peach Melba and Blue Moon. My favourite is definitely Blue Moon. I love anything this colour and it is just gorgeous on your nails. I have been wearing it so much lately and it literally goes with anything I wear. Barry M have also just released a 'Textured' range with lots of different pastel colours available, which I will have to try! They are all on the website which you can see HERE. Have a lovely day!