I recently bought the V05 plump it up blow dry lotion from Sainsbury's. I heard a lot about the new V05 range and I was looking for a heat defence spray as I am so bad at protecting my hair from heat which is awful as I use a hair dryer and straighteners everyday. I was instantly drawn to the "volume & thickness with natural bounce" claim that was on the bottle. My hair can use as much volume as it can get. So this was instantly a catch for me.
I have been using it everyday for a couple of weeks now on wet hair before I dry my hair. I stray it all over, including the roots and ends of my hair. I also use this with a simple styling mousse and so far I really like this product. It's cheap and affordable at £3.69 and it does give my hair some lift and thickness. It obviously doesn't make a dramatic difference but it does help. I have noticed that my hair has been in better condition now it is getting protected from the heat. I also love the pink packaging! I would definitely recommend this product.



Today I am going to talk you about some of my favourite Clarins products. I have been a big fan of the brand and it has helped with the improvement of my skin a lot. A couple of my all time favourites is the Exfoliating Body Scrub and the Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel. I really love these products but I tend not to use them all the time because the Clarins range can be quite expensive. The full size Cleanser costs £12 for 75ml which is quite a lot. 
I did have the full size bottle but ran out so I am now making my way through the sample size shown above. The cleanser is suitable for all skin types and helps remove left over makeup and dirt on your skin. I really like this product as it leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth. You only need a tiny bit to clean your face as it foams up well, which means the product lasts a while. I also really like the body scrub. This product is very expensive at £29 for 200ml. This isn't something I would want to spend on a body scrub too often. However, this scrub really does leave your skin smooth and firm by rubbing away any flaky cells and rough areas. It contains natural Bamboo powders which helps with leaving your skin feel smooth. It gives my skin moisture and hydration and it really is a good exfoliator. If you wanting to splash out or treat yourself I would definitely recommend these two products!



I did one of these posts a couple of weeks back looking at the summer range at New Look. I thought I would do another one, but from a different shop. This outfit is from Dorothy Perkins. It is a little bit of a cheat as the shoes are from New Look and also featured in my previous outfit post, but I love them so much! I wear them all the time. I bought this bright cami a while ago and I love it because you can wear it casually or more formally. 

The top costs around £12 but I didn't mind spending that as I loved the colour and shape. I am really into bright colours (especially yellows) in summer. A couple of weeks later, while I was in the shop again. I spotted these amazing black and bright yellow, floral print trousers. I had been looking for a pair this shape for ages and I feel in love with them. The yellow detailing again drew me in as I knew it would match this top. They cost £24, and they are so so comfy and fit really nicely. They aren't too baggy (which I have noticed some can be) and they are really flattering as they sit just above my hips. It also comes with a matching top HERE which would make it a lovely two piece, but unfortunately I don't think the top is really my style. My next item I want to find is a two piece, so I'm keeping my eye out! If any of you know where to find nice ones, please let me know!



I have now finished my exams and am ready to enjoy my summer! May has been a roller coaster of emotions so it's so nice to finally relax and have some free time through June. I have now come home to enjoy the company with family and friends over the summer. The weather at the moment is amazing too which is an added bonus! This is my current set up, enjoying a good magazine and reading over comments and old blog posts on my blog. 
I'm sorry (again) that I haven't posted regularly but I have a line of posts that I have scheduled for the next month. I have a few fashion posts planned as I have been shopping and I am going to show you some of the products I have been loving recently. One product that I had forgotten about is the Soap & Glory Hand Food. I love how smooth and moisturised it leaves your hands & I love the smell. I'm so glad I rediscovered it in my collection. Hope everyone is having a lovely summer so far and I'm excited to get reading and writing blogs again!