I am always on the hunt for a good dupe product, especially being a student and constantly having no money! Finding products that are just as good as high end products and at the fraction of the price is just what I need. When it comes to highlighters, I only ever wear it on nights out or when I need a full heavy face of makeup. I have always loved the Benefit High Beam highlighter and I know I am definitely not the only one as it's all over the blogging community! 
As you can tell from my picture, my bottle of High Beam has been very well loved and is pretty much empty now and I'm in need for another! For a full 13ml bottle it's costs a crazy £19.50, which is extortionate for highlighter if you are on a low budget like me. I read about the Technic highlights highlighter online and it's meant to be the dupe of High Beam not only when it comes to the formula but the packaging is identical too (not sure how I feel about that). At only £1.99, it is a fraction on the price and it is easily available online or in local Bodycare shops. I wasn't really sure what to think of it at first but I actually really like it. High beam has a slightly thicker formula and is a little more pink toned but because Highlights is slightly thinner it is really easy to apply with just a few daps of the finger. When it's applied I think it looks really natural and light hits it really well. Highbeam does blend in slightly better but that doesn't fuss me too much as it doesn't look unnatural at all. In comparison, I do prefer Highbeam but for the price you pay for the Technic's version I am definitely happy with it and will definitely continue to use it in the future!


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