First of all I thought I would mention that I have had a little play around with the layout of my blog. I have added a couple of things and moved things around, so I hope you like the change. For the main part of the post, I am going to talk about Rituals Foaming shower gel. I first heard about this brand waaay back when I was receiving Glossy Box. I was given a full size bottle (same as the picture below) but in a different scent (Yogi Flow). I really liked the product and decided to re-purchase it again but in the scent T'ai Chi White Lotus and Green Tea.
For a shower gel they are quite expensive for £8.50 a bottle but they last a very long time so they are worth the money. They are different to any ordinary shower gel as like it states in the title it is a foaming gel. It pumps out foam and you only need a little bit to cover your body. It has quite a strong scent which some people may or may not like, but I don't mind it. I think I prefer the other scent as it was less overpowering but I still like this one. 
As you can see from the swatch above, the tiniest of pump can produce a lot of foam which means you don't need you use a lot and it will last you a long time. You therefore definitely get your money's worth. I  use this shower as a little 'treat', for a bit of a pick me up or if I am having a pamper evening. I think it is quite a luxurious product and is nicer than using just any old shower gel. I'm not sure if I would purchase this particular scent again but I do like the product and would spend that amount of money on it again. Has anyone else tried it?

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